We are an independent investment holding company, dynamic and founded on innovative values.

About Us

Alpha Square

A vision of innovative, transparent and technological finance

Our investments range from Canton Ticino to Switzerland, from Europe to the Metaverse. We have the courage to make different and free choices: we support and create new businesses, in line with the needs of tomorrow’s generations.

In our name lies our philosophy: Alpha as the cornerstone and the point of reference; Square as the square and “agora”: a place of open confrontation and exchange, where new ideas and innovation arise.


1. We are a creative and innovative company, with strong values.

Alpha Square invests in high-potential companies with strong technological contents to enhance them into new market references.
We know how to seize new ideas in line with the spirit of the times and with the vision of new generations.

2. We work constantly for a more sustainable and green world

Every activity in Alpha Square is oriented to the improvement of the environment we live in and to hand over to future generations a cleaner world than it is today.
We are committed to ensuring the most rigorous approach to sustainability, reviewing and transforming all processes and every our action in a green key.

3. We invest in high-potential companies or those with strong technology content to turn them into market leaders.

Alpha Square not only relaunches and improves existing businesses. ASI invests in high-potential companies and technology to turn them into market leaders.

4. We guarantee financial, technological, strategic and human support.

Alpha Square operates in a logic of continuous investment, not purely speculative. We create real equity and concrete benefits for all: shareholders, investors, collaborators, customers and the society in which we live.

5. We are a reliable company

With a soul, quality and a striving for excellence Swiss. We manage with transparency, traceability and rigorous communication all our investments.

6. We manage our investments with transparency, traceability, and rigorous communication.

Communication is at the center of our operations. We constantly give visibility to our strategies and results with extreme transparency and honesty.

7. We build communities of people, in addition to business activities

Our people are our most important resource. The experiences we have as a team


Our team is characterized by international experience, a multidisciplinary background, and a strong ability to innovate. We are proud to innovate.

Rino Castiglione

CEO, Co-founder

Rino is CEO, partner and Co-founder of Alpha Square invest. Thanks to his concrete, «consumer centric» approach, people are always at the center of his managerial decisions.

Paolo Agazzone

Chairman, Founder

Paolo is an entrepreneur with a unique career path. Paolo is a tech visionary leader that perfectly incorporates ​​ Alpha Square core values into his life

Luca Galimberti

Group CFO

Luca is Group CFO and partner, with over 10 years of experience in complex companies in Administration, Finance and Control


Rino Castiglione torna in campo e svela il ruolo di Alpha Square per il reboot di Gas Milano 1984

Dopo le esperienze di successo in Guess e in VF Corporation per Wrangler e Lee, Rino Castiglione rende noto il suo ruolo nel reboot di Gas Jeans che diventa ora Gas Milano 1984. Socio fondatore e CEO di Alpha Square, holding di investimento svizzera che fa capo a Paolo Agazzone. Rino Castiglione entrerà nel board di Gas Milano 1984 attraverso Alpha Square, insieme a Andrew Bordin, Andrea Citterio ed altri investitori.

Il pool imprenditoriale si occuperà del rilancio del marchio Gas, mettendo a disposizione non solo risorse economiche, ma anche un team manageriale. L’obiettivo sarà quello di proiettare il denim brand in un futuro di crescita sostenibile, partendo dal know-how Alpha Square focalizzato nell’innovazione tech.

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