A new vision of finance: green, technological, transparent

About Us

Alpha Square Invest is one of the most dynamic independent investment holding companies, actively managing a selected portfolio of small and medium-sized companies.

Alpha Square is a new investment company that aims to integrate growth, important economic returns, technological advancement, shared prosperity and less impact on the planet.

Alpha Square is an expression of a vision of finance that is respectful and innovative: integrity, transparency, technology, and ESG criteria are our core values.

We cultivate our independence, confident that it takes courage and desire to forge a new world by blazing trails not yet taken by others.

The group’s headquarters are in Lugano, with an investment horizon ranging from the Canton Ticino to Switzerland, from Europe to the Metaverse.

Corporate Responsibility

Alpha Square Invest is actively involved in promoting ESG issues. Its commitment goes beyond it. Development, promotion and integration of ESG principles are the backbone of our financial approach and portfolios. They actively guide our management activities every single day.

The world is facing a time of radical transformation: It is time to act with strength, consistency and determination. At Alpha Square, we are committed to considering the impact of our investments on the society and the environment every single day. We try harder to generate positive impacts and returns from our actions.


Activities, Sponsorships and ART

Alpha Square is an open and inclusive world, where our communication and engagement go beyond our simple professional commitment.
Our philosophy finds a perfect completion and its highest expression in two complementary worlds: Sport and ART.

1. Sport is not simply perceived as “sponsorship” opportunities. Sport is a real life experience linked to our core values such as courage, innovation, team building and commitment to shape new ideas. The sporting action fully represents the group spirit and the competitive synergy among Alpha Square people. Sport perfectly expresses our motto “united into diversity” and our belief that only together can we win. Alpha Square is constantly engaged in sustaining teams from different sports, countries, backgrounds and cultures.

ART and CULTURE represent the heart of Alpha Square. Our team is actively engaged in supporting knowledge, cultural opportunities and the world of beauty.

Alpha Square is in contact with major European universities, in a logic of transparency and transmission of our experience to new generations. In addition to promoting and participating in debates on the ESG theme and new finance,

Alpha Square is also present at conferences and institutional meetings aiming to outline the new course of finance and investments.


Investment Committee

Alpha Square Investment Committee is an independent and multidisciplinary team, composed of professionals from different sectors and united by a strong international background..

Its goal is to open a constructive dialogue between major economic, cultural, and social players, evaluating new investments. The independence of this Committee allows us to fuel our vision, to recognize trends and seize new market opportunities.
Thanks to the work of the Investment Committee, we strive to reach the highest standards of corporate ethics. We implement financial controls, transparency and monitoring standards, in compliance with the strictest regulations in terms of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, cybercrime and socially unacceptable practices.