Rino Castiglione

Rino is the CEO, partner and co-founder of Alpha Square invest.
Thanks to his “consumer centric” approach, people are always at the core of his managerial decisions. Rino is a leader with a great passion and work ethic: he is the engine and motivator of the team, able to make quick and creative decisions for paving new paths and scenarios.

Rino combines a global vision of business with a clear strategic intuition for the fast achievement of goals.

Manager of major international fashion companies, Rino knows how to handle the most complex dynamics of the industry. His previous experiences includes, among others, VF international (President of Wrangler EMEA); Guess (VP of jeans), GAS, Benetton, Valentino, and GFT.

He is a lover of the sea, the sun, his Sicily, and the sense of freedom.”