Alpha Square is a value holding company


1. We are a creative and innovative company, rooted on strong values.

Alpha Square invests in high potential and tech-driven companies, transforming them into new market leaders. We are able to recognize new ideas that align with the spirit of the times and the vision of the new generations. We also enjoy reviving and improving existing businesses, adding creativity, innovation and strong sustainability orientation. Our goal is to renew the business model of each of our investments, to make them a success story and to align each of our participations with the core values that animate Alpha Square.

2. We are continuously working towards a more sustainable and green world.

At Alpha Square, we are committed to ensuring the most rigorous approach to sustainability, reviewing and transforming all processes and actions with a green mindset. Sustainability is not just a vision or a statement. We have a clear and stringent set of values that bind the holding company and all its subsidiaries to this theme. Our values charter goes beyond any other ESG international declaration and our behaviors are constantly monitored by our board. Before considering any investment, we evaluate its impact on the community and the planet. Every single activities is geared towards 2 statements: 1. improving the environment we live in 2. leaving future generations a cleaner world than the one we have today.

3. We invest in high-potential and technology-savvy companies to transform them into market leaders

We enjoy creating, not just enhancing or improving existing businesses. Thanks to our technological specialization and know-how, we are committed to setting new goals, by revolutionizing the standards we operate in. Technology is the fundamental asset that allows us to envision new scenarios and translate them into a future.

4. We guarantee financial, technological, strategic support and human touch.

Alpha Square operates on a continuous investment logic, not purely speculative. We aim for the organic growth of our investments by providing financial, strategic and technological support, to allow companies and individuals to grow with us. We support with tangible and intangible skills, because the vision of the future also passes through a different way of understanding finance.

5. We are a reliable company

Alpha Square expresses quality, and Swiss excellence. We manage our investments with transparency, traceability, and rigorous communication. Reliability translates into our extreme consistency in pursuing the values and objectives for which Alpha Square was founded. Reliability is inherent in our people: we are a team of reliable, credible professionals with successful paths.

6. We manage our investments with transparency, traceability and rigorous communication.

Communication is at the center of our operations. We constantly communicate our strategies and results with extreme transparency and honesty. We communicate through the media, through institutional campaigns. We also communicate through our relationships and the meetings we hold every day. In Alpha Square Invest, we are oriented to do things right, but it is just as important to let others know in the right way!

7. The most important resource is our people and the experiences we live as a team.

Strong relationships between investors, managers, the team and the community form the basis of our success. At Alpha Square, we are proud to create a shared well-being for the entire community and the territory in which we operate.